Vertimax Vertical Jump Training System

VertiMax is the most effective Vertical Jump Training System because it is able to maximize both explosive leg power and arm swing velocity to maximize the vertical lift component leading to superior vertical jump performance gains.

Vertical jump training system provides unmatched gains in vertical jump performance. You’ll see how VertiMax implements a vertical jump training methodology that is light years ahead of the competition. VertiMax’s ability to maximize vertical leap performance which is a measure of explosive leg power will transfer to significant gains in other critical sports performance parameters such as first step quickness and overall speed.

Arm swing velocity accounts for 10 to 13 percent of vertical jump performance and Vertimax is the only vertical jump training system designed to increase arm swing velocity to increase vertical jump performance. If you want to fully develop your vertical jump potential you have to maximize explosive leg power and arm swing velocity through the full range of the upward explosive jumping movement. If you ignore the arm swing component of the vertical jump, you’re leaving a lot of vertical jump potential sitting on the bench!

The VertiMax design will not allow elastic bands to go slack because they fully retract into the platform surface. With Vertimax bands attached to the waist and pulling downward on the athlete, no matter how low the athlete squats that bands will not go slack because they can fully retract into the platform surface and slack cannot form in the band. Thus with VertiMax, all the muscles associated with the vertical jump effort will be loaded through the full range of the vertical jumping motion. Applying a useful training load through the FULL range of motion will more effectively condition the leg, back and shoulder muscles involved with the arm swing to produce power sooner in the explosive movement to improve acceleration and take-off velocity.

Balance and stability are crucial when training for maximum power production. Vertimax has two balance and stability mechanisms built into the system to preserve balance and allow athletes to jump train with more effort on every jump.

The pivoting tracking system allows the resistance bands to track the athlete’s hip movement whenever they drift away from the center of the platform. The tracking ability allows VertiMax to keep the cords pulling more downward just like gravity when the athlete are not exactly in the center of the platform. By eliminating un-natural lateral forces that would otherwise build up on conventional systems, VertiMax allows athletes to better maintain balance while jump training and thus drive with more force on every training rep. The ability to exert 100% effort promotes more efficient power development.

Unfortunately, conventional elastic vertical jump training systems simply attach elastic bands between the ground and waist and when the athlete squats, the elastic bands will go slack and provide almost no load in the crouched position just before the vertical explosive movement occurs. The training load does not actually kick in until the the elastic band gets tight and by then the athlete is half way through the explosive portion of the vertical leap. This is a serious problem if you are not appropriately loading the leg muscles when you initiate the explosive movement because it is at that point where power production for acceleration is most important to maximize lift-off velocity for optimal vertical jump performance.

Develop vertical jump performance and speed that separates you from the competition

If you’re looking for volleyball drills to radically increase any volleyball player’s explosive leg power to improve leaping ability and defensive speed and flat out generate dominate hitters and blockers, the VertiMax volleyball training system is the key to make that happen. Male or female, at any level, from youth – to professional volleyball players, if you want to engage in volleyball drills that quickly develop more competitive athletes on the court, there’s no better choice than VertiMax to elevate a volleyball player above the competition and dominate matches.

Secondly the long elastic bands contained within pulley systems allows the resistance to stay relatively constant throughout the complete jump training movement. With Vertimax the athlete will feel the same resistance from the beginning to the end of the vertical leap. That means the athlete is not de-stabilized by a radically increasing resistance which is what you get when you use conventional jump training systems that tie short elastic bands to the ground. VertiMax provides a stable resistance that simulates increased gravity and allows the athlete to maintain stability while putting forth 100% effort. This allows maximum recruitment and training of the fast twitch muscle motor units for power development when vertical jump training. If you don’t believe stability is important when conducting explosive training – try jumping when you’re off-balance. I guarantee your brain and physics won’t allow you to jump with anywhere near 100 percent effort. Gravity doesn’t change when we conduct explosive movements in competition. If it did, we’d have athletes constantly stumbling and falling all over the place. And I can assure you – if an athlete’s training resistance is rapidly changing throughout their explosive training movement, their stability and ability to train at 100 percent effort are compromised and they’re not optimally developing explosive power.