Holistic Chiropractic

Doctors of Chiropractic are primary contact health care professionals that focus on the spine in relation to the total body and specialize in the understanding and treatment of its component bone structures, muscles and nerves. As holistic practitioners, chiropractors believe in treating the whole individual and practice natural healing without drugs or invasive surgeries. Central to treatment is the chiropractic adjustment a gentle, directed pressure that restores the spine’s ability to function. Your Doctor of Chiropractic recognizes that dynamics exist between lifestyle, environment and health. In addition to clinical treatment, your chiropractor can be a good source of information on beneficial exercise and nutrition.

Chiropractic is the third largest primary contact health care profession, after medicine and dentistry. Every year, more than 3 million Canadians receive chiropractic care from over 5000 Doctors of Chiropractic in Canada. Currently there are 620 licensed Doctors of Chiropractic in Alberta.

Doctors of Chiropractic complete approximately 7 years of education including 4 years at an accredited Chiropractic college. Doctors of Chiropractic are trained in diagnosis, physical/orthopedic examinations, treatment, and x-ray evaluation. A Doctor of Chiropractic must pass national and provincial examinations of competency to practice.

On an initial visit, a chiropractor will take a comprehensive health history, perform a physical examination, and provide you with a diagnosis and treatment plan. The initial visit will take 30-45 minutes. Subsequent visits will take on average 10-20 minutes. An individual will be re-evaluated periodically to determine the progression of their condition. The individual will be provided with stretches and exercises for the prevention of future injuries.