Kinematic Measurement System (KMS)

What is the Kinematic Measurement System (KMS) ?

Computerized system for testing and training athletes of all levels. It is a powerful testing and training tool for optimizing sports performance. Based on millisecond timing of events using light switches and contact mats, KMS can be used to measure agility, anaerobic power, cutting speed, sprint speed, jump height and power, contact time, foot speed, gait timings, interval training, and functional capacity.

The KMS is a computer based system for measuring a large range of human performances. These include:

  • Vertical jumping – both single, drop jump and multiple jumps
  • Interval & multi gate run tests
  • Gait analysis
  • Balance assessment and rehabilitation
  • Agility tests (first step quickness)
  • 90 second Box Test
  • Contact time