siliconCOACH 2D Video Analysis

Volleyball Power uses the latest software in sports specific motion analysis to determine if an athlete has any biomechanical or technical faults.The information collected provides the Volleyball Power team with a baseline of data. The data is analyzed and the appropriate athletic program is developed to optimize athletic performance.The siliconCOACH software has the following functions drawing and measurement tools, zoom tool, blend function, overlay images and graphing functions. An athlete’s general symmetry will be assessed, left and right had athletes can be compared and performance variables such as distances, speeds, and angles can be measured and graphed.
The following table illustrates the drawing and measurement tools that are available.
Zoom Tool
SiliconCOACH Pro has a zoom tool. This tool displays a small window that zooms in on the portion of the screen where you have positioned the cursor. There are a number of zoom levels available. The zoom window can also be stretched and repositioned.
Blend Function
The blend tool allows you to select a reference image and then advance the movie so that each frame is blended with the reference image. Now you can visualise two frames from the SAME movie at the same time. This helps you assess how much a person has moved from the position they were in when you initially turned the Blend option on.
Overlay images
A movie can be overlaid on top of another to highlight differences in technique. The overlaid movie can be scaled and moved to achieve the best alignment. Also the transparency of each image can be changed while you are watching it to highlight the different points you want to make.
Save images as .jpg file
Any image you have on screen in siliconCOACH can be saved as a .jpg file. This includes all drawings and text. These images are ideal for preparing reports or assignments.
Graphing Function
If you have tracked positional changes of a point over time, the latest version of siliconCOACH automatically creates a graph of distance and speed. For example, if you use the continuous measurement tool to track the position of the bar during a squat action, you can press on the graphing button to automatically display the distance traveled and speed of the bar.The cursor is synchronised with the video in the background to visually show you what is happening at that point on the graph. For even further analysis, you can export all your data into a comma-separated-values file to be opened in other analysis software such as Microsoft Excel.
Using the Technique Wizards reportPAC Technology
After eight years of developing sports analysis software we have realised that we can not only give our clients great analysis tools, but we can also provide knowledge on how to perform an analysis. To facilitate the transfer of knowledge between different groups that are interested in movement analysis, reportPAC Technology was developed.reportPAC Technology revolutionises movement analysis because it provides a mechanism for disseminating knowledge.To do this, reportPAC Technology creates a report by combining the data collected in siliconCOACH Pro, siliconCOACH Pro Server Edition, or siliconCOACH Student using Technique Wizards as a guide. reportPAC Technology then saves this report to your local computer or allows it to be uploaded to a web based database called siliconCOACH Central, by connecting through the World Wide Web.reportPAC Technology is not a stand alone piece of software. You must have siliconCOACH Pro, siliconCOACH Pro Server Edition, or siliconCOACH Student to use reportPAC Technology.
This image shows a Technique Wizard made for squatting
that guides the user through making a report.
This image shows an automatically generated completed
report for a tennis serve as viewed in a web browser.