3D Technology Testing

Optimal Vertical uses the latest technology in sports performance to evaluate an athlete’s physical, biomechanical, and technical abilities. By testing the athlete, we can obtain a baseline level of the athlete’s performance. The testing allows us to identify areas of weakness and strengths, biomechanical and technical faults, and areas of possible injury.

Testing is essential in program development. The results are used to optimize the athlete’s program and enhance their performance. Re-evaluations and program changes will be made accordingly.

Optimal Vertical is the only sports performance company in Canada that uses the latest 3D technology in analyzing hitting and serving performance. By using systems like the Measurement System we can document an athlete’s vertical, speed, agility, power, cutting speed, and many other parameters that are involved in the sport of volleyball. The results of testing are scientific and a great tool to objectively measure an athlete’s progression and optimize their volleyball performance.

2D Video Analysis

Optimal Vertical uses the latest software in sports specific motion analysis to determine if an athlete has any biomechanical or technical faults.

The information collected provides the Volleyball Power team with a baseline of data. The data is analyzed and the appropriate athletic program is developed to optimize athletic performance.

The software has the following functions drawing and measurement tools, zoom tool, blend function, overlay images and graphing functions. An athlete’s general symmetry will be assessed, left and right had athletes can be compared and performance variables such as distances, speeds, and angles can be measured and graphed.