For over 4-5 years now, I have been training with Corrado to improve my overall skills. I have found great changes in my overall speed and agility, along with my strength and stability. He is great in making the training session sport specific, yet being able to provide a whole body conditioning as well. It is such a benefit having someone to train you who understands the sport and the whole biomechanical process of how the body functions while playing that sport. Since I’ve been training with him, I’ve noticed big improvements in my beach volleyball game along with my partners game. We both continue to see and increase in speed and power, two main components of the game. As I continue to train for another season, I am very excited to see the changes and results he will help bring along.
Renee Larocque

Worked with Dr. Corrado during a volleyball vacation in January of 2006. I was so happy that I had the opportunity to train with him. Dr. Corrado teaches innovative training techniques that enable volleyball players to reach their fullest potential as athletes. He is a pleasure to work with, always quick to answer questions and provide training advice as requested. I would definately recommend his services to anyone who wants to take their volleyball training to the next level.
Jennifer Fagin
Canadian Pro Beach Volleyball Player
Philadelphia, PA

I had both the pleasure AND the pain of participating in Dr. Corrado’s plyometric training class during the volleyball vacation in Cancun. The class was by far a highlight of my trip! Dr. Corrado provided top-notch instruction and analysis while keeping the mood light and fun. The format of the class was such that individuals of all skill levels could learn and improve. I especially liked all the drills that focused on improving strength, quickness and footwork in the sand. I noticed improvement in my strength and footwork is just those few short days! In addition, the video analysis of our hitting form totally blew me away! The slow-motion, frame-by-frame video review coupled with Dr. C’s one on one commentary and suggestions was a fantastic tool and take-away. Thanks Dr. C for all the great training tools and encouragement. See you on the beach!
Thea Stuedli

I found Dr. Corrado’s plyometric and strength programs to be extremely effective for increasing my strength, speed, quickness, and vertical leap, all of which are necessary skills to excel at the sport of volleyball.His excercises were easy to learn and replicate, and the routines involved breaking down the complex physical movements of the sport into simple repeatable motions that can be perfected. Additionally, by revealing certain bio-mechanic movements of the body, he illustrated subtle and easy ways to dramatically gain more volleyball power, in terms of the attack and vertical leap. Dr. Corrrado personally challenged each member of our squad to greater heights, and fostered a healthy spirit of competition among participants, which led to greater performance for each individual, all the while maintaining a fun and light atmosphere! Lastly, one of the best parts of Dr. Corrado’s training was the super-slow motion swing analysis video. What an amazing tool! He broke down my swing, frame by frame, to highlight ways to easily improve my power, my vertical, and my form! Months after I met with Dr. Corrado in Cancun, I still use the skills and techniques he taught. Only wish he was here in LA!
Chris Calhoon

Training with Dr. Corroda has taken me to new physical levels. Each week I can count on a work out that is going to push me to my limit, going to be creative and cutting edge and going to be fun even through the sweat! He not only runs you through exercises but he motivates and pushes you mentally as well. The workouts are sport specific, breaking down fundamental skills and sequencing them to maximize power. I am truly grateful for the opportunity I have had to work with Dr. C and would recommend him to anyone,
LeAnn Kinvig
Professional Beach Volleyball Player

I’ve been training with Dr. Cultrera for 3 years now. As a professional beach volleyball player it is to my advantage to be able to work with someone who can ensure that I am preparing my body physically for peak performance. Dr. C is that person for me. Training is specific and is focused on breaking down the mechanics of my sport to ensure that the proper muscle groups are conditioned for the stress they will endure during competition. And at the same time, I have fun doing it. It’s challenging, and rigorous, but also very rewarding. The results are noticeable, and have made me a stronger, quicker, more dynamic player.
Theresa Ouellette
Professional Beach Volleyball Player

I have been playing volleyball at an elite level for almost as long as I can remember. Even after graduating from University and moving to Alberta, I continued to compete in competitive leagues and tournaments around AB and BC, and still absolutely love the sport. So, when the opportunity presented itself to start playing beach volleyball internationally and professionally, I jumped at the chance to take on the new challenge.

I started training with Dr. C in January, 2007 in order to prepare for the upcoming beach season. Given the peak physical condition required for competitive beach volleyball, my team-mate, Theresa Ouellette, and I decided that an extra edge in training would definitely help. Theresa had trained with Dr. C in previous years, and suggested that we work with him. The training sessions with Dr. C have absolutely exceeded my expectations. Using a combination of electronic technology and exercise equipment, Dr. C has pushed me further than I ever thought I could go. In the five months we’ve been training with him, we haven’t ever done the same workout twice, which keeps our training sessions very interesting and challenging. We manage to have a lot of fun while going through this intense physical training, while simultaneously working towards our individual and team goals.

I still have a bit farther to go, but I have already noticed a significant improvement in my endurance, speed, and agility since I started working with Dr. C. I find it much easier to chase down balls that I would never have got to before, and even some of my friends/competitors have commented on how much faster I am in the sand this year. In a recent tournament, I was able to play matches back to back in the hot sun, and still felt like I could play some more by the time we were done. There is no doubt in my mind that the training with Dr. C has played a significant role in these noticeable differences in my performance.
Dr. C’s enthusiasm for sport and training is contagious, and I really look forward to each weekly training session with him. I highly recommend to anyone who is looking for that extra drive and the tools to achieve the next level of performance to spend some time training with Dr. C. I am very happy with the results I have seen so far, and I will continue to train with him and work towards a successful season and career!
Marnie Anderson
Professional Beach Volleyball Player

Volleyball Career:
High School – Glenboro, MB
University – Valley City State University, ND, USA
Beach – started playing recreationally in 2003, and professionally in 2006