SiliconCOACH timeWARP Video Analysis

SiliconCOACH timeWARP is a real-time, video-replay analysis system that accelerates skill development by providing you with your own instant replay system. Now you too can have your own replay analysis system, just like those used on TV sports broadcasts. timeWARP is ideal for coaches, athletes, biomechanists, podiatrists, teachers, physiotherapists, sport scientists or anyone else wanting real-time feedback to improve technique.

The concept is simple, using it is simple, the effect is dramatic!

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TimeWARP Concept

While capturing live action onto your computer from a digital video camera, you can also be reviewing important events that have already occurred. On a typical computer you can continuously capture and review for over an hour.
Immediate feedback helps with the learning process.  With timeWARP you simply do the skill, review it, do it again, review it again, and so on.  To enhance the learning process, you can also draw on the screen to make sure you hit the ‘target’ lines of good technique. These drawings can be saved for use in subsequent sessions.  Use the new full screen feature to make the most of a projected image when using timeWARP with a squad.
Key moments in the timeline can be tagged for further review and comparison and the session continues. At the end of the session, these tagged moments can be exported to DV AVI, WMV or even a siliconCOACH Presntation for futher analysis. Tagging can be done in either “timeline” time (what you’re currently seeing on the screen) or in realtime (what you are currently seeing).
Using the new exemplar viewer and saved drawings, you can provide your athletes with examples of expected skill execution and frames of reference so they can self assess their performance when you’re busy or not present at a session.