Custom VolleyBall Consulting Programs

Consulting services include testing, program development, coach training, team evaluation, team athlete profiling, training camp testing, off season program development, and long term development Plans.

All of our equipment is portable and testing can be performed at your facility. Online services are available for monitoring your athletes as well as documenting their testing results. Coaches will have access to their team statistics and exercise protocols and Optimal Vertical  will provide player rankings.

If you are a volleyball Federation, organization, college, team, or individual, we can develop a high performance volleyball program that will excel your athletes and optimize their performance.

Dr. Corrado caters your consulting needs to meet your performance goals.

Optimal Vertical is currently consulting with the Cayman Island National Beach Volleyball Association , Canada West Elite Volleyball Association (, and Volleyball Vacations.


Cayman Island National Beach Volleyball

Dr. Corrado has helped identify and work to eliminate a bio-mechanical breakdown in the hitting one of our top female players. His advanced use of technology to help identify and analyze the entire kinetic link is amazing and the results are easy to understand. In addition to providing the analysis Dr. Cultrera also knows what exercises and drills can be used to get the most out of your athletes. I have personally used a number of his plyo-metric drills with my players.

Carl Brenton
Cayman Islands National Beach Volleyball Teams

Canada West Elite Volleyball ClubIn

Dr. Corrado is the high performance consultant for our club. His techniques and technology has been a great asset to our player development. With his expertise, we have been able to profile many athletes for college placement.

Ernie Tsu
Director and Coach of the Canada West Elite Volleyball Club

Volleyball Vacations

Dr. Corrado is a consultant for Volleyball He provides our athletes with the latest strength and conditioning exercises and video analysis of their hitting. His techniques can be used for all skill levels and very specific to volleyball performance. The technology he uses is a great asset and learning tool for the athletes. They can see their hitting mechanics on video and work on their technique. As a professional beach volleyball player on the AVP, I have used Dr. Corrado as a consultant to optimize my game.

AL-B Hannemann
Professional Beach volleyball Player
President of Volleyball Vacations